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Olallieberry Inn: 2476 Main Street - Cambria, California 93428 | 805.927.3222 | info@olallieberry.com
maureen and nelson hubbellAbout Us
"Life can be all too busy and finding time to really connect with your partner can be challenging. Don't waste another minute not focusing on each other. The Olallieberry Inn is where time stands still and you can create amazing romatic memories. The experience is about special moments - connecting with your partner, taking in the beautiful flora and fauna and the magical charm of Cambria's past and present." - Nelson

Olallieberry Innkeepers Maureen and Nelson Hubbell (pictured at right) are the owners of this award winning Cambria B&B. The new owners (January 2016) are rapidly gaining a reputation for their exquisite style of hospitality ... caring for each guest in magical and memorable ways.

"I fell in love with the Inn at first sight and knew this is where I had to be," says Maureen. "I think you may have the same amazing feeling!"

Breakfast is essential to the Olallieberry Inn experience. The morning meal is prepared from the finest ingredients ... and a dash of loving care. cambria bed and breakfast inn - innkeepers at olallieberry innThe Central Coast is blessed with abundant varieties of fruits and vegetables and we buy fresh local produce at our Farmer's Market.

Breakfast includes: Fresh orange juice; gourmet coffee and teas; fresh baked scones or breads; homemade granola, olallieberry yogurt and seasonal fresh fruit; the hot entree varies from day to day.

Are you on a Gluten Free Diet? No problem! We bake gluten free peanut butter cookies and chocolate chips cookies. Plus Olallieberry breakfasts have many gluten free options. Be sure to mention that you have dietary needs so that we can best accommodate you.

Enjoy fresh water, hot tea or coffee ... and homemade cookies available in the gathering room each afternoon.

From 5-6 PM we serve complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres. Our wines are local and our hors d'oeuvres sumptuous.

WHAT IS AN OLALLIEBERRY? The olallieberry (pronounced oh-la-leh-berry) was developed in 1949 by the US Department of Agriculture by crossing a loganberry with a youngberry. Genetically, this resulted in two-thirds blackberry and one-third red raspberry. Its physical characteristics are those of a blackberry but larger in size and somewhat sweeter. They have an intense, tart flavor, and are shiny and juicy. Although developed in Oregon they never grew very well there but flourish in California. The olallieberry is grown mostly along the coast. They ripen in June and early July. We have some reputation for olallieberries here in Cambria. We are the home of Jon and Renee Linn, owners and creators of Linn's More Fruit-Less Sugar Preserves and Pies. They also own and manage bakeries and Linn's Restaurant in town. The couple owns a farm just outside town where they grow many crops, among them the olallieberries. "If you like Blackberries you'll love Olallies" - from Home Gardening - LA Times
"This 1865 Greek Revival house is my favorite B&B in the area. The grounds are perfectly manicured but bloom whimsically. In the afternoon the aroma of baked brie and homemade bread (served during wine hour) waft through the main house and the staff does everything imaginable to make your stay special. The delicious full breakfast - accompanied by Olallieberry jam, of course - is gourmet all the way."

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